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  • First game & first jam!
  • My intentions were to play with a game engine and begin to understand what that involves.
  • I wanted to play more with physics but time wasn't on my side. To make it more interesting I added a countdown to make it faster paced and provide a challenge.
  • I see this as a starter prototype for potentially something larger. Custom target rotation, obstacles, timing-orientated firing etc.
  • Built with Phaser 2.6.2
  • SFX by LittleRobotSoundFactory
  • This game is open source. The repository is here: .

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Published8 days ago
TagsPhysics, Time Attack


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Excellent game. The only thing I'd change is the timer. I only got to level3 cause the timer was too fast. I gave up cause i really didn't want to have to restart from the beginning every time, for the feedback! I ran through the game 3 times and averaged the level times with this script: . I tried to account for my familiarity with the game but obviously I hadn't done so correctly :)